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An expert in Worcester boiler service, repairs,installation and prevention of Worcester boiler and Worcester Bosch boiler breakdowns


I'm a Worcester boiler service engineer who for several years has gained knowledge and experience by working for the manufacturer of Worcester Bosch.

During the time I worked as a heating engineer I serviced, repaired and maintained thousands of Worcester Bosch high efficiency and standard efficiency appliances. Sometimes you come across some Worcester boiler installations which are so badly installed that those Worcester Bosch combi and central heating system life expectancy, efficiency and safety has been compromised. 

Worcester is a top brand gas appliance but if its badly installed and not properly maintained it will breakdown more frequently, you will take a lot of time off waiting for an engineer to come, spend more money in repairing the Worcester boiler, left without hot water and left without central heating.


Importance of Worcester service and Worcester Bosch service

A badly installed Worcester standard efficiency or Worcester Bosch  is usually detected during the service

Parts which are about to breakdown can be spotted during the service

Service will allow loose water joints to be detected and tightened.

The gas appliance can be adjusted to the manufacturer settings so that it remains energy efficient this is done during the service

The flue pipe and terminal is checked to see if it terminates correctly and safely, is not dislodged, that it is not corroded and not obstructed . If the gas appliance doesn't get the right amount of air it produces carbon monoxide the killer odorless gas and if joints or the flue pipe joints is not sitting in correctly the poisonous gas can escape

Worcester Bosch boiler Service

Some example of badly installed worcester boiler which were found during the  service are listed.

Central heating system not cleaned properly

Electrical wiring fault where the pump does not overun and primary heat exchanger gets damaged. service detects this faults and prevents massive expenses.

Flue pipe issue or wrongly installed, the condensate is mildly acidic and if the flue pipe has issues the condensate drips into the casing and severe corosion occurs.

Wrong chemical used for flushing the boiler central heating system. The aluminium silicon heat exchanger of the worcester boiler and Worcester Bosch gets damage as chemical actions occur.

Too much sludge in the central heating system after a period of time blocks components, damages component and causesa gas heating appliance overheat. When a service is done it detects those issues of overheating and avoiding actions could be taken to prevent serious damage to the worcester boiler.

Wrong chemical or insufficient chemical used for protecting the central heating system without an adequate amount of inhibitor radiators rust formation happens. When the central heating is turned on the pump circulates those rust particles around the system and brings it to the boiler. The effect of rust particles in the central heating makes a Worcester Boiler and Worcester bosch boiler noisy and less efficient. Premature damage of components also occurs and any gas appliance on a dirty system doesn't last long.

Appliance not properly secured to the wall, throughout time degradation of bricks occurs and when this happens sometimes the flue pipe ,water and gas pipe hold the boiler into place. A service carried out on the gas appliance can spot this issue easily. A gas appliance which is held into place like this is extremely dangerous and is a health and its only a matter of time before a serious incident happening.

If a worcester boiler or a worcester bosch boiler is leaking gas this is also spotted during the service and remedial action to rectify the fault is done during the service.

Insufficient gas supplying the boiler is also detected . An insufficient gas supply for the boiler sometimes causes a wrong air to gas mixture. In this situation the carbon monoxide level parts per million rises very badly to a point that even if a little amount is breathed in might be fatal. During a Worcester boiler service or a Worcester Bosch boiler service this is detected easily and remedial action can be taken to return the boiler to a safe level of carbon monoxide.

Badly maintained central heating will shorten the life of the system

Boiler Worcester

 Worcester and Bosch Greenstar models uses a gas to air mixture 1:1 and if mixture is wrong there will be a severe increase in carbon monoxide or if gas valve are not set to manufacturer requirements the carbon monoxide level will increase an experinced heating engineer will be able to spot this when the service is done

Service Boiler Bosch Worcester

If those above issues are addressed correctly after the service on Bosch Worcester models you be able / decrease the risk of the central heating breaking down . Your Bosch Worcester gas appliance will last for a longer time without the need of a breakdown cover or maintenance contract.

You need to be aware that a breakdown cover or maintenance contract doesn't restore the efficiency of your Worcester appliance and doesn't prevent your Bosch combi from breaking down. You will still need to pay them for any additional services required to prevent future breakdown of the worcester which will be more expensive to do with them. So its better to have your Worcester or boiler Bosch Worcester serviced and repaired by a highly experienced boiler worcester  engineer.

My experienced is gained by working on thousands of Worcester standard effiencency and Bosch high efficiency series. Not many engineers have got this experience.

Many people would buy the best of all the brand like the Bosch Worcester have it installed or repaired by a person who is not competent enough then complain that it  keeps on breaking down or they will say the engineer used a lot of parts and the  Bosch was expensive to be repaired but what they fail to understand is that they are not using the right person for the work and re occurrence of the worcester  or central heating breakdown is more likely to happen then. Worcester  parts are not expensive compared to other manufacturer but if you got a less competent engineer you be paying for unnecessary parts which will increase your bill.

I'm also a gas safe engineer who has been working in the gas industry for about ten years, my expertise in Gas appliances installation, repair and servicing work will give you peace of mind that your work will be done correctly and any repairs which is done is more likely to last longer.

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