Worcester ea fault dangers

Worcester boiler ea fault Danger

EA fault codes or EA error codes according to Worcester Bosch boiler manual indicates that the flame hasn't been detected. The flame not detected fault arises when no ionisation current coming from the flame to the worcester boiler electronic circuit is faulty so the boiler goes in a lock out state. The term flame not detected used by the manufacturers of the boiler looks simple but in reality the Worcester Bosch ea fault is a very complex fault and sometimes it points towards danger. The worcester boiler ea fault encompasses so many potentially dangerous faults so nearly all aspect of the boiler and flue pipe needs to be checked .If it is not checked properly it can lead to very serious injuries or even fatality. 

 Worcester boiler ea fault what does it means?

 ea fault flashes on the worcester bosch boilers when the main circuit board or printed circuit board has detected a fault , the electronic safety circuits then blocks the boiler from operating,the electronic digital displays the EA fault together with a blue flashing light and flashing red reset button.

It also means for your safety and the safety of others don't be stupid to reset the boiler following an ea fault until you finish reading this whole article. There are several reasons why this occurs on the worcester boiler, british gas boilers, Worcester bosch boilers and Bosch boilers and this will be explained below.

Is your boiler showing an EA fault or E9 fault?

Identifying whether the fault is an EA fault or E9 fault. 

If the electronic display is working correctly an EA will be seen flashing but if the electronic display is defective and one bottom segment is missing the ea fault will be displayed as E9 which is a completely different fault to the EA fault . To prevent confusion on what fault has been detected by the boiler always check that all the segments on the electronic display is working correctly.

 EA faults Worcester boilers are the same faults as the British gas boilers ea fault, Worcester Bosch boiler ea fault and Bosch boiler ea fault once you understand what causes EA faults on one model you can apply the same fault finding technic on other worcester bosch boiler models.

 Can I reset my boiler following an EA fault or EA error code?

No do not reset your boiler following an EA fault or EA error code. Always call a gas safe engineer to check your boiler first.If your boiler has been recently installed and has a manufacturer warranty call them and ask for your boiler to be checked. If they ask you to reset the boiler don't reset the worcester boiler and insist that they come and check the boiler. If you haven't a boiler warranty but its under a sort of worcester boiler service maintenance contract call the company providing the services always insist that they come and check the boiler. If you haven't call a qualified gas engineer.

Is the worcester ea fault/ EA error fault code dangerous?

Worcester ea fault/ ea error code can become potentialy dangerous for life and property.

Can a worcester boiler ea fault be classified being immediately dangerous?

Yes the ea fault or ea error fault can be classified as immediately dangerous when you can smell gas following an ea fault and when there are problem with the flue fumes circulation. If you smell gas or fumes immediately turn the boiler off and phone 0800 111 999. Always have a carbon monoxide detector fitted and follow the carbon monoxide instructions when installing it 

Can I check my flue pipe before the ea fault reset button is pressed to reset the boiler?

You can check your flue pipe to see whether all connection are well secured or if the flue pipe is corroded, but unfortunately as you are not competent and qualified to confirm it is safely connected and working safely you will need the services of a qualified gas engineer.  A carbon monoxide fitted and tested yearly can save lives or prevent serious injuries.